Budget-Friendly Commercial Fitouts Ideas for Small Businesses

commercial office fitouts Sydney

If you own a small business space or store, you might feel like your budget doesn’t allow for any substantial commercial fitout work to be done. That’s actually not the case at all! There are plenty of ways you can make your small shop into a bright and inviting store without breaking the bank. Check out these five commercial office fitouts Sydney for small stores/spaces to get some inspiration on making your business look its best.

Integrate With the Existing Space

It’s important to ensure that your store design complements and integrates with your current storefront/office space. It can be tempting to completely transform your store into a cool, new space, but it’s better to keep some elements of your existing storefront if you can. You don’t want people wandering into what appears to be an abandoned or empty building. This is why most commercial office fitouts Sydney companies design their stores around their clients’ existing features.

Depending on what these are, they may leave certain shelves intact or they may incorporate them into custom cabinetry. Other times, they use glass and backlight shelving so shoppers can see behind the walls; transparency has become very popular in recent years thanks to social media platforms like Instagram. The number one rule when designing commercial fitouts: try not to make things look too perfect.

Use Light Paint Colours

When decorating a small space, don’t be afraid to use light colours and paint. Painting your shop/office walls a lighter colour can give them more visual depth, making it seem like your small space is larger than it actually is. It’s also worth considering coloured lights. Coloured lighting will make your store appear much more spacious and you can choose a colour that coordinates with your branding or products.

Use Fixtures as Part of the Design

There are fixtures and furniture that can help you create an attractive and functional space without breaking your budget. Installing them strategically in your shop or office makes it more convenient for shoppers to walk around, find products, and buy them. Think about how many people pass by a store window every day or visit your office; what do they see? If you want to attract people, present your small space in a way that catches their eye and entices them inside.

Using Feature Walls

If you’re looking to keep costs down, consider using a feature wall. Feature walls are a great way to incorporate your branding into every area of your office space, while also offering customers something unique and fun to look at.

Add Furniture

When designing an office fitouts Sydney, one of your priorities should be having enough space to add new furniture or fixtures if you decide they’re necessary down the line. Make sure you have at least half an inch in each direction to make room for a new table or chair, and ideally more than that if possible. Allowing three inches means there’s plenty of space to move around and add anything new without disturbing existing fixtures.

Office fitout doesn’t have to be expensive. With small yet impactful changes, you can make a big difference. Need help with office refurbishment Sydney? We can help bring your visions into reality. Please call us for a free quote.