Hybrid Office Set-up – Is It a Right Choice for You?

Over the last few decades, the characteristics of the ideal office plan design have changed significantly. From cubicles to open office plans, we’ve evolved when it comes to office design. Now, do you know what the new sweet spot is? Hybrid Offices! What’s a Hybrid Office? A hybrid office is designed with two things in […]

School Fitouts – Why It’s Important To Consider?

Office Fit out Donrose

Are you running a school, and looking for a way to boost your students’ engagement? School environment matters! The school environment should be ergonomically and thoughtfully designed, to achieve high levels of student engagement. The students learning experience will impact by the classroom design around them such as air quality, room colour, lighting, and most […]

The Most Common School Fitout Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know the quality of the physical learning environment plays an active role in the improvement of academic performance? Yes, a learning environment affects the ability of the students to learn, interact, and behave in a classroom setting. Gone are the days of putting in rows of desks and a blackboard at the front […]