Did you know an effective classroom design is an essential factor for a child’s learning and development? Yes, classroom design has a direct impact on the student’s progress throughout the school year. Like any other aspects such as funding, implementation of standardised tests, and professional development for students that boost student learning achievement, a good classroom design also impacts the learning outcome of the student.

Children spend a large proportion of time in their classroom. A poor classroom design doesn’t promote a positive environment for students and suppresses the creative minds. With innovative, flexible learning spaces and classroom & library fitouts, today, many schools are transforming from a traditional classroom setting to something that intrigues students and enhances creative thinking. Almost 2% of Australian schools have an innovative design, and many schools are slowly coming out of the traditional row after row of desks arrangement. Also, conventional seating arrangements are being replaced by flexible seating options and new classroom fitouts.

What’s the Difference?

The stereotypical classroom arrangement consists of rows of fixed seating. This seating arrangement minimises interactions between students and students in the back rows are less likely to engage. With unique classroom fitouts and furniture, you can increase the student’s ability to engage in preferred learning methods, encourage them to actively participate in classroom activities, improve focus, make them feel comfortable, create an opportunity to engage, improve physical movement, and more.

Classroom Fitouts Checklist

The primary focus of modern classroom design is flexibility, adaptability, and sustainability. So, here is a simple checklist that helps you design a layout that improves student performance.

At Deadline Commercial Projects, we incorporate flexibility in our school and classroom and library fitouts design with an aim to repurpose rooms whenever necessary. We take the following details into account when creating a classroom design.

The classroom spaces we design are functional and at the same time, instils energy and creativity to adapt the new teaching styles. Our ergonomic classroom fitouts design improves teaching innovation and student participation and engagement in greater levels for positive student outcome.