Consider these 5 Must-Haves for Your Café Fit Out
Photo by Isaac Wolf on Unsplash
A successful café or restaurant not just offers the tastiest food and drinks, but they emphasise on superior customer service. A café must have a good interior that strikes a balance between form and functionality. Customers must be able to sit and walk around comfortably while enjoying their favourite foods with their loved ones. If you need to attract more customers to your shop, one of the foremost things to do is updating your cafe fitout. Consider these 5 important aspects described below:

Enough Distance between Tables:

As a business owner, you would want as many customers to come and dine in at your place as possible, so naturally you might be adding more chairs and tables into the available space. But by doing so, you are compromising on the comfort of your customers. Maintain at least a distance of 1 meter between tables, so that people can move around with ease. For wheelchair accessibility, 1.5 metre distance is ideal.

Scratch & Slip Resistant Flooring:

Some business owners overlook the importance of flooring in a café fitout. When designing your space, make sure that the flooring is clean, slip resistant and scratch resistant. Never invest on cheap flooring materials, as this will only lead to frequent repairs and costly maintenance down the road. Timber building is particularly popular in cafes and restaurants. But if you prefer something else, you can talk to the cafe fit out experts and make the right choice.

Serving Counter Location:

When redesigning your café, always take into consideration the location of your counter. Placing the counter near the entrance will attract passers-by. When the serving counter is placed near the back of your café, it will encourage people to stay. Choose the most ideal location for your serving counter, but remember it must be easily accessible for your customers.


The importance of lighting in café fitouts in Sydney can’t be emphasised enough. Your choice of lighting can make all the difference. The dishes you serve will look great under cool lighting. But if presentation isn’t that important to you, warm lighting is preferable. The latter also accentuates the best features of your café’s interior design. Choose the right type of lighting to set an atmosphere that delights your customers.

Colours in Design:

Colour psychology is apparently a thing considered by businesses, as it influences customers’ purchase decisions. Use colours that stimulate appetite. Red is great for cafes serving hot meals and chips. If you focus on healthy eating, green is apt for your shop. Avoid purple and blue, as these colours can suppress one’s appetite. To make your café fit out project successful, hire a reputable shopfitting company offering the service at reasonable café fitout costs. Their expertise, experience, and attention to detail will help achieve your goals!