Top Four Cafes to Visit in Sydney

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Coffee has significantly grown its economic reach in the past decade. Due to the market’s high demand and its major shift from people’s necessity to passion, it’s economic worth is still exponentially growing. Just this year, the average coffee intake of each person in Australia is estimated at 150 grams per month. This means that businesses are doing well despite the pandemic, if not thriving. It’s even estimated that 96,000 people will be employed by cafes by the end of this year.

Companies like Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Tim Hortons are three of the most prominent names in the field. The secret to most of their successes can be found in internal architecture and interior layouts. Most of which are done by cafe fitout agencies with reasonable cafe fit out costs. Due to the plethora of cafe businesses growing everywhere, one will understandably consider exploring different shops to discover new unique tastes.

Single O Surry Hills

If you want a cafe that has a good track record, consider visiting Single O Surry Hills. Formerly named Single Origin Roasters Surry Hills, it shortened its name to Single O to appeal with the younger demographic. It has been roasting, grinding, and mixing coffee since 2003. Their shop’s layout looks professionally set up by cafe fit outs Sydney has to offer, with clean exterior and home-y interior.

Single O’s coffee beans are sourced from as far as Ethiopia and Brazil. This is to ensure the quality and taste of the coffee they serve.

Paramount Coffee Project

Relatively new to the industry, Paramount Coffee Project (PCP) was launched in 2013. PCP is clear in its advocacy to represent farmers and brewers and support them by making sure their sourced beans are ethically produced. They also offer various types of beverages. You’ll find herbal tea, iced tea, milkshakes, juice, lattes, and even soda.

Celsius Coffee Co

They say coffee is best served hot, but Celsius believes otherwise. At Celsius, you enjoy the view with your coffee. This is not to say that their coffee is not good, but the view of the aquamarine waters of Kirribilli Wharf is priceless. Celsius is a cabin-type cafe made up of wood located right above the water. This place is mostly enjoyed by commuters who stop by for their daily dose of caffeine.

Mecca Coffee

It began its business in the middle of Australia’s Central Business District. It was first located at 67 King Street before branching out and building their HQ and roastery in Alexandria. Their interior design features mostly wood furniture with a clean wall finish. They offer personal house blends, espresso blends, and coffee beans that are directly sourced from Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia. Just like Single O, they also source coffees from Ethiopia from time to time.