Over the last few decades, the characteristics of the ideal office plan design have changed significantly. From cubicles to open office plans, we’ve evolved when it comes to office design. Now, do you know what the new sweet spot is? Hybrid Offices!

What’s a Hybrid Office?

A hybrid office is designed with two things in mind.

When it comes to the hybrid office, there are no pre-set rules to plan and use commercial joinery. Based on the type of business operations and the employees’ needs, the look and layout can vary. But, it should incorporate diverse spaces to prioritize both freedom and privacy.

A good hybrid office design plan uses commercial joinery in such a way that it provides versatile areas for solo work and collaboration. Hybrid office environment works well for businesses that are deciding to transition and evolve their workspaces to a modern set-up for success.

Factors to Consider While Setting Up a Hybrid Office

Office Size

If you are planning to go hybrid, make sure that the space is suitable for the workforce. If you are renovating, designate one floor or section of your building to hot-desking. Consider how many people may be working from the office at one time if you are shopping for new space.

Inviting and Modern Space

Invest in a fresh, modern shop fit out design, to make your office design look more inviting and modern. A space with modern technology, brand colours, and aesthetically pleasing amenities, makes your employee content and creates a comfortable, productive experience for everyone.


Collaborative Workspaces                                                                                                           

2020 has definitely changed the way we are working! With more people opting to work from home, you’ll want to make sure that there are collaborative areas set up in your office. It allows employees to have meetings and collaborative sessions with ease. It will enable employees to have a more relaxed or formal catch up with clients or work colleagues.

Partition Desk for In-house Employees

While there is an increase in employees working from home, some employees choose to work in the office full time. So, it’s vital to have a permanent desk setup that gives these employees their own space to personalise. It’d be a better decision to add partitions to provide them with added solitude from the busy comings and goings of the office.

If you are making the decision to switch to a hybrid office, there are many considerations that the organisation needs to make. Talk to different joinery companies to find out the one who can actually make this transition an exciting and smooth process.